Class 2B Motorcycle Assessment

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I managed to obtain my Class 2B motorcycle license today morning at Comfort Driving Centre. Barely, with 18 demerit points and no more mistakes to spare. Here’s a short write-up of my journey to obtain a Class 2B motorcycle license.

The Journey

23 May 2011: Signed up for Class 2B lessons at Comfort Driving Centre. Obtained my Training Record Book. Bought my knee and elbow pads over the counter, and gloves somewhere else. These items were compulsory for every lesson.

23 July 2011: Practical Orientation.

23 July, 30 July, 6 August 2011: Practical 1.

13 August, 14 August 2011: Practical 2.

20 August, 21 August, 28 August 2011: Practical 3.

3 September, 4 September 2011: Practical 4.

Practical Lesson 5: Circuit Evaluation
10,17 September 2011: Revision.
19 September 2011: 28 Demerit Points, 1 Immediate Failure (Failed)
24 September 2011: 20 Demerit Points (Failed)
25 September 2011: 16 Demerit Points, 1 Immediate Failure (Failed)
1 October 2011: 18 Demerit Points, 2 Immediate Failures (Failed)
2 October 2011: 6 Demerit Points (Passed)

7 October, 8 October 2011: Practical 6.

15 October, 22 October 2011: Practical 7.

Practical Lesson 8: Final Evaluation (Both circuit and road)
5 November 2011: Circuit Revision.
12 November 2011: Road revision
12 November 2011: 16 Demerit Points (Passed)

Booked Traffic Police test date immediately, which was on 8 February 2011. An astonishing three months away!

Somewhere in between: Defensive Riding Theory. 6 hours of sitting there watching motorcycle safety videos, instructors reading presentation slides and sharing horror stories about accidents.

8,14,20 January, 4 February 2012: Road revision.
5 February 2012: Circuit Revision.

8 February 2012: Traffic Police Test Day.

Arrived at 7.15am for warmup. Assembled at the motorcycle training area. There were 49 participants in total. Each person was assigned a grey numbered vest. The numbering sequence was foreigners first, followed by age in descending order. Mine was “20 – ON TEST”. We were allowed to for one round of the circuit as a warm up. After which we were briefed at the training shed on the circuit and route (e.g. where to check your blind spot and where to turn). Once we were in the training shed, we were not allowed to bring our vest along to us when we needed to use the toilet. We had to hang the vests on railings. When the test started at 9.30 a.m., which was after bus-lane timings, permission from the tester was required for toilet breaks.

One by one, our numbers were called out and we walked to our motorcycles and rode it to the starting point. Only one person will be released at a time (probably at 2 minute intervals), hence there was no need to worry about having to queue for each station. I cleared the circuit and proceeded to route no. 1 before heading back to the training shed. After parking our motorcycles, we were told to report in a room on the third floor at 11.15 a.m. By 11.40 a.m., everyone was in the room. The testers started announcing numbers in batches of five. The people tagged to the numbers had to leave the room, which meant they had failed.

It was pretty nerve wrecking. Everyone kept quiet and there was serious tension in the air. The tester walked into the room, yelled “16,17,18,19” and left the room immediately. While four got up to leave, I smiled to myself because my number, 20, was not amongst the batch of five.

At the end of the session, 32 had failed and there were 17 of us in the room. Everyone in the room burst out into loud cheers and high fives. We watched a short video on motorcycle safety, took our pledge and collected our test assessment forms. The remaining balance in our account was refunded to us and we had the option to sign up for the Expressway Familiarization Course held the immediate weekend. We were told that if we attended this free course, we would be eligible for an earlier Traffic Police test date for our upcoming Class 2A motorcycle license. An Ace Insurance salesperson was there to give a short talk about their products.

After which we were released and we headed to the 2nd floor to collect our licenses.

I passed with 18 demerit points. Another minor mistake and I would have failed. Here’s my checklist:

Class 2B Motorcycle Test Assessment Checklist.
Class 2B Motorcycle Test Assessment Checklist.


In total, I spent about $1,200.


I don’t really have much tips for the practical test. But I still believe that if you get a badly maintained motorcycle with a horrible clutch, it will affect your performance. Even the height of the motorcycle will affect your stability. So choose a motorcycle which you feel comfortable on and don’t be afraid to switch to another motorcycle before the test starts. Traffic on the road was heavy and there were some kind souls who slowed down because they saw my vest and allowed me to pass. Pedestrians can ruin your practical test. Some nice ones may be hesitant to cross your path, and they just stand there. Some are in a hurry and dash across the road. Either way, watch out for them. When you meet the nice ones, stop and wave for them to cross, just to be safe.

To be honest, being a driver myself, I find a motorcycle license more challenging to obtain due to the long process involved. The balance, as well, which I absolutely suck at. Even if you fail the practicals, persevere on, keep on retaking them, eventually you’ll pass. The oldest person today who passed was 65 years old. If he can do it, I don’t see why you can’t.

All the best!

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58 Responses to Class 2B Motorcycle Assessment

  1. Anonymous says:

    great write up! (click like on the DETAILS!) pretty nervous my tp tmr, so this sorta calm me dwn! thanks!

  2. Hey man, sorry for the late reply. Get some rest, relax and you’ll do just fine. Remember to check blindspot, signal..etc… All the best and do keep us posted on how it went :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    thanks for the detailed write-up. now i know what to expect for my test tmr.
    really belated, but congrats on passing!

  4. Sorry came home late from work. I guess you’re well asleep by now and I wish you all the best for tomorrow’s (actually today’s) test. Stay calm, pretend as if the testers are not there, and… you’ll be fine. Keep us posted on how it went :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    PASSED! with 6 points. was very lucky to have picked a bike with no clutch or brake problems. i’m not sure how many of us passed. it’s probably more about half, but i was too excited it didnt occur to me to count.
    thanks again for this post, it really helps to know what to expect before and during the test.
    thought i might as well ask, any recommendations for 2nd hand bikes purchase?

  6. 6 points! My god, you were born to ride. Congratulations!!!!

    Well, it depends on how much stuff you have to carry around. For me, I’m accustomed to carrying a LOT of stuff even in the boot of my car so I chose a bike with bigger storage space like SYM GTS 200. 2 full raincoats, 2 full faced helmets, phone charger, GPS…etc. and I still have cargo space. Makes carrying my laptop a breeze. Automatic and I don’t need to worry about spoiling my leather shoes. The only drawback is the maneuverability of such a bulky bike. Mix it with CBD traffic and it’s still challenging to get to work especially when you have to squeeze. I just swiped someone’s mirror lightly this morning. Girlfriend loves to pillion because its very comfortable. I feel comfortable even on 40km rides.

    If you’re good with carrying everything on a backpack and want a fun ride… I would personally go for the KTM 200 Duke. Never rode it before but watched test rides on youtube and it seems to be capable of quick moves effortlessly.

    I’m just as new as you are. Why don’t you check out . Lots of reviews over there.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    This is very encouraging! I’m taking my class 2B at SSDC
    and have yet to book my circuit assessment. Reason being i get very stressed when people are looking at what i’m doing. Hopefully i will get over that anxiety. Thank you for being such an inspiration! Just gotta toughen up and ride it out i guess. ;)

  10. Hey I wish you all the best! Chill and go for more rides and you’ll be ok.

    Actually, I think 2B is the hardest to cross (max 18 points both road and circuit), once there, your 2A and 2 will be easy (max 18 points for only circuit).

    Any questions just shoot, and quickly book it (after going for at least 2 revisions – they will check your booklet). Cheers!

  11. Aaron says:

    Im stuck at prac 4 right now! but reading this post of yours really helps alot. i guess all i can do is to keep retaking the plank till i get it! Thanks for helping calm this nervous wreck here!

  12. Hey Aaron, STARE far ahead at the first cone, keep the half-clutch and throttle LOCKED in one single position and JUST play with your rear brakes. Yeah, that was how I went about doing it..

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hi! The last time i posted a comment, i was nervous about
    my circuit assessment. Now,i’m super jittery cos my
    tp test is this week. Coming across this post and reading it again somehow calms me down. Thank you so much! :)

  14. I wish you all the best! Stay cool, you can do it!

  15. Anonymous says:

    32 failed? Seriously? So much?

  16. Exactly. Surprising right?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Damn… Haha. Thanks man for this post. Awesome write-up! :D

  18. Absolutely welcome. Knowledge is meant to be shared!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Bro how long did you have to wait to get your license card? Can u str8 away buy a bike once u pass? My tp is coming soon and i was wondering as i want to get this 2nd hand bike a.s.a.p. haha

  20. Anonymous says:

    How much do you think it cost for a 3rd party insurance if im 20 and p plate.

  21. Of course my friend. You are licensed. I held a class 3 so pasting the sticker over my existing card was a 15 minute affair.

  22. Anonymous says:

    hi… i am now taking lesson 5, 2nd time today but I failed again. In my opinion I did everything nicely, but when I got my slip I got 20 demerit points and 1 immediate failure, saying I strike stalom cone, which I didn’t feel anything! and things like improper checking of blind spot, which I don’t know where and when.

    Any tips you guys can help me?

    and yes the bikes are terrible, even the new bikes the 1st time I used it was perfect, after that it’s lousy. At the stalom from 1st gear when I kick up it was at 3rd gear and I got penalised for that.

  23. omg says:

    I hv problem with lesson 4 (circuit assessment) kept saying I didn’t check blind spot but I really checked so much so that I think my head ache sia. anyone has good advice and help me with which are the point to look out for for blind spot? I know turn left check left turn right check right which I did still get 34 point for errors.

  24. omg says:

    btw I’m taking at ssdc

  25. If I’m correct, turn left at stop line = check left, check right, turn left. Try going for the evaluation for a couple more times. I passed only on my 5th try.

  26. omg says:

    Oops i didn’t. tks. Will try again!

  27. All the best to your eval!

  28. omg says:

    passed my lesson 7 today after 2 tries. next available test date on the 17th Jul but I can’t attend due to work commitment. hoping to book the next available likely on the 24th Jul.
    any good advise to watch out for the test? :p

  29. Well, nothing else apart from what I’ve highlighted in the post. All the best!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Hi. For cdc class 2b test, do u get only one date (8feb for u) 3 months later to choose or was there like 2 test dates on the month of February or was there was one in feb one in March for u to choose?

  31. Jeremiah says:

    Hi, if i can’t make it for the test date on the 10 Sep this year, when will be the next test date? One more month at Oct or two months at Nov which mean i have to wait for FOUR more months??

  32. Well, I’m sorry I can’t advise on this man. When I booked my test date, there was only one option available.

  33. Jeremiah says:

    Haha ok thanks anyways.

  34. GirlBiker says:

    i got my class 3A license last year and just sign up for a class 2B license at SSDC (been a pillion for 5years haha). Excited for the upcoming orientation next week! Not sure if the bike might be too tall for me, standing at 152 i really hope i can tahan the normal bikes! haha!

    thank you for this post!

  35. All the best! Don’t give up, just keep doing it over and over again till you pass.

    I’m taking my CL2 now, and I have already failed my final lesson twice…

  36. Ok just cleared Class 2. Wrote a short walkthrough before I forget:


  37. 2er says:

    i got my 2A 10 years back and had been riding a Honda S4 then. Stop riding ard 6~7 years already.

    recently i had signed up for class 2 and went for the 1st lesson last week. Did not expect on the lifting of the dummy bike as class 2A does not have that. First time was ok. Managed to put it down and lift it up easily but do not know why on 2nd time, the bike seems to be so heavy that it is riveted to the ground. Any tips? Instructor keep on saying use body weight but i realised that we have to use much thigh muscles as well? very straining to the thigh. Aching for the next few days. haha..

    Well, I feel that it is difficult to handle a class 2 bike on those obstacles in circuit after my first ride after so many years. *sighs*

  38. Hey buddy. Don’t worry. If you find it heavy, you are doing it wrongly. I’ve seen girls much smaller in size get it right. It took me two lessons to get this straight. Here’s how I did it:
    1) Handlebars full lock to the left (inner bar facing towards u), using your right hand to depress the brake so it does not roll back;
    2) Lower the bike
    3) Stand up after lowering the bike to the floor (this is compulsory during the test)
    4) Squat down;
    5) Place your hip UNDER the fuel tank;
    6) Stand up, hip under pressure from the fuel tank. Keep standing up + pushing. Trust me, much easier than doing a deadlift. I did a deadlift once (not too heavy if you are into weights) and the instructor failed me immediately citing serious back problems. I appreciate that gesture; and
    7) Once you cross the 50 degrees mark, only will your hands be useful in getting the motorcycle upright.

    Let me know if it helps.

  39. When you maneuver the motorcycle, stick as close to the kerb as possible (if at Comfort Ubi), wait for the edge of the motorcycle to clear the last cone and full-lock RIGHT. The motorcycle will travel in between the pylons in a comfortable manner.

  40. After you clear this, just visit for the rest of the tips and you should be along your way to a Class 2 license.

  41. 2er says:

    hey buddy. Thx. will try it out~ good day!

  42. Adam says:

    Hey i’m yet to take the motorcycle assesment so i just need a clarification from you. Do they provide the motorcycle for the practical lessons and then we just need to choose from the available bike? Is it true? Sorry if this is a dumb qn but i guess its better to ask =D

  43. Not a problem. Yes they provide motorcycles for practical lessons. During the TP test, the assignment of motorcycles is random.

  44. Anonymous says:

    I’ve also been taking my class 2B since last aug in 2014. Now Sept 2015 Im still at prac 5 because I stopped for more than 6 months and did not continue. I went for like 3 circuit revisions already and taken 3 prac 5 tmr will be my 4th. Abit demoralizing. Whats worse is that I only recently taken my internal evaluation so my upcoming RTT is on 7 nov. Such a long wait. How do some people get their whole class 2b license in 2 months even if they learn everyday?

  45. I’m sorry I really can’t answer why the wait is so long. During my time it was similar. The only thing I can say is just keep going and keep trying till you pass. I’ve tried many times as well so I understand how demoralizing failing a lesson can get.

  46. Jing says:

    informative n useful post mate

  47. Farn says:

    Taking prac4 tmrw… Been almost 2 weeks since prac3.. Kinda nervous.
    What do you do on prac4? Im taking at Comfort Ubi.

  48. Chris says:

    Hello there. It has been such a long time i have absolutely no recollection. Perhaps someone here might be able to help you.

  49. Lina says:

    Informative article! Thank you. Will be taking 2b license at bbdC

  50. Anonymous says:

    Internal Evaluation? What is it all about?

  51. Izrael says:

    I will be signing up at SSDC for my 2B. I tried to take it a few years back at CDC but I did not managed to get pass my first practical. I was nervous for the entire time. I hope that I can make it this time round.

  52. Chris says:

    Hey Izrael. All the best in your journey. Go for it, dont give up. Failing is part of the process. If u need anything just come back here to see if anyone has answers.

  53. JC says:

    Hi everyone,
    I am so close yet so far of getting my TP test date.
    Today went for my 5th times for lesson 7 at SSDC and everytime it was a different mistakes. I kept wondering why?? My road pre assessment went ok for the past 5 times n juz that alot of points i got are in e circuit. Any tips??

  54. Dominic says:

    Hi guys i always fail my plank at ubi center..need tips please..and also my riding posture they say always wrong..

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